Rewards & Benefits

A career with EM Leadership Center means challenge and satisfaction, personal growth and reward. We want your ideas and expertise. Here’s what we offer in return.

Career Development

Developing employees develops our company. EMLC’s people are encouraged to expand their skills and abilities and reach their individual potential.

Our managers and supervisors are expected to be coaches for our people, to motivate, support and recognize employee contributions. Every employee is entitled to an assessment of their skills, strengths, development and potential, at least once a year. Managers and employees map out career objectives, putting plans into action.

Financial Compensation

At EMLC, the highest performers realize the greatest financial reward. Individual salaries are fair and competitive. In addition, through our performance-based incentive program, EMLC recognizes and rewards exemplary accomplishments:

  • Extra effort and outstanding achievement
  • New ideas and solutions
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Environment and safety responsiveness
  • Demonstrated application of EMLC’s core competencies


Our comprehensive and generous program of benefits is designed to increase the quality of life for our people and their families.

Employee Wellness

We have a long-term commitment to creating an environment of positive health habits, both physical and mental. Balance between work and family is important. We provide flex-time arrangements to allow people the opportunity to balance the many demands on their time.