Leadership Assessment

Across the emerging economies in the global marketplace today, Is an immediate need to improve the strategic and operational leadership that will drive superior organizational performance.

The Emerging Market Leadership Assessment tool is a powerful, market validated assessment that scans for the six proven dimensions of successful emerging market leadership outcomes, delivering insight into the traits and behaviors that relate to sustainable superior emerging market leadership performance.


Predicting the future performance of leaders in professional work environments can be challenging. The difference in Euro-American and emerging markets, Kenexa and the EM Leadership Center have partnered together to create a ground-breaking leadership assessment.

Designed for selection, promotion and development decisions, the overall purpose of the Emerging Market Leadership Assessment tool is to improve strategic and operational leadership that will drive superior organizational performance in emerging markets. The tool is designed for both nationals and expatriates who live and work in emerging market regions. For candidates who take the assessment, the tool is quick and easy to complete, and provides detailed feedback reports. The leadership assessment is intended for use in the workplace and is well-suited in assessment and development centers.


The solution designed by Kenexa and the EM Leadership Center is two-fold. The first element involves developing an accessible, engaging, valid and predictive tool modeled on current and future success factors in fast, emerging and unique global markets.

Second is devising a feedback platform to inform position and energize key leadership resourcing decisions across organizations. This assists companies in emerging markets to determine who has the capability-the traits and behaviors to- lead in the front line and in senior levels. Ultimately, the Emerging Market Leadership Assessment tool assists organizations in driving the development actions needed for success.


Incorporating the Emerging Market Leadership Assessment results in:

  • Improvement pre-leadership resourcing decisions and post-decision performance
  • Enhanced comparability between individuals internal and external to the organization
  • Increased certainty resulting from positioning leaders based on an objective research base
  • Access to structured data to complement information such as career and experience mapping


The Emerging Market Leadership Assessment measure the capabilities required for leadership success in emerging markets. These come from a distinct thought leadership model based upon emerging markets realities. The six factors include:
Emerging market leadership assessment

  1. NAVIGATION - Directs and mobilizes action so that obstacles to success and performance are removed.
  2. MAGNET - Inspires employees to succeed and feel engaged by creating a working environment where employees feel energized and engaged to perform and to realize opportunities to improve themselves
  3. ACHIEVMENT BUILDER - Has a strong inner passion for others to achieve ever-higher standards of excellence and perform "step changes" in business results and measures their own success though the success of others.
  4. RAPID TALENT DEVELOPMENT - Sees the importance of spotting and rapidly growing talent and supports this mindset with a strong passion that ensures that individuals and teams are constantly stretched to fulfill their potential and performance for the benefit of the organization and themselves.
  5. MULTI-LINUGAL IN ONE LANGUAGE - Understands and senses different individual perspectives, cultures and expectations so that there is a level of respect, trust and understanding, from everyone’s perspective, underpinning the working relationships that are established with colleagues, peers and clients.
  6. IMAGINATION - Makes sense of information and ideas; making connections that aren’t obvious to others whilst analyzing and building applicable ideas.


The Emerging Market Leadership Assessment tool is designed specifically to assess and inform key selection or development decisions for individuals and groups in organizations, and can be used in three specific applications:

  • Individual level
    • Assessment and reporting on key expatriate hires for multinational companies
    • To identify opportunity and risk factors in the hiring investment
    • To focus on those development aspects that will quickly drive superior leadership performance
    • And to assure investors of a high potential from a return and commitment perspective
  • Group level
    • Reviewing fast-track national’s stream in international Middle Eastern companies
    • This enormous commitment often lacks supportive data tom guide these key decisions
    • Once decisions are made data can be used to guide organizational behavioral
    • The data can be retained for succession and development career change
  • Organizational level
    • Full auditing of leadership capability in divisions of global companies
    • This identifies patterns flows and potential blockages in the talent plan
    • Organizations will be better informed of under and unwise investment in leadership

Overall in fast economies where western talent management models do not apply nevertheless it pays to be as well informed with pre-decision “human capital” metrics as possible. So leadership capability audits, where data is reported on readiness of total leadership populations to meet current and future challenges are vital. In addition, many operations and governments in emerging economies have the need for high potentials review, where cadres of high potentials require objective and structured data and internally or externally benchmarked feedback on capability. Finally, the leadership assessment tool can also be applied to highly leveraged individual or development decisions as individual capability profiles.